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Composting with the mosting.

Pallets, businesses have them, you want them. I too was like you, thinking I could reclaim the wood and make some cool furniture or something. You won’t and I didn’t.

Craigslist free section gave me the lead to a chiropractor’s office that was getting rid of pallets to whomever wants them. I’m not sure if this was guerilla marketing for a chiropractor hoping someone would wrench their back lifting these and wind up needing their services: not today, Dr. Shapiro’s street team.

I was able to get three pallets and instead of looking up a video of a charming Englishman turning a couple of pallets into a well made and functional compost bin, ah beans, I would have saved a lot of time. Instead, I broke down my pallets into boards to build a compost bin out of. Worth noting, I broke a crappy hammer prying the pallet boards apart, the better way to turn a pallet into boards is by cutting the planks at the joints with the sawzall and picking up the pieces. There is also a pallet breaker tool, but forget that, I have the god given ability to sawzall and goddammit I’m gonna sawzwhatever sawzwhen I can. Now, if the pallet breaker tool was called a breakzitall, or a smashzall I’d be interested.

I copied Steve Ramsey’s Compost Bin for Mere Mortals plan and this guy rules. My eBay review for Steve is: great content creator A+ would watch and lie to myself that im going to do his projects again.

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